ZAiLAS is a Deep Learning Geoscience Solution that supports better understanding of the subsurface with its AI driven modules.

ZAiLAS could be used generally, regardless of regions since the model will be trained based on the measured sections of well logs provided by users.

ENERZAi’s AI research team comprised of Korea’s top AI experts, will focus on enhancing the model performance continuously,
so that you can easily experience the power of AI with ZAiLAS.


Missing Log Completion

Complete missing intervals of well logs with
high accuracy deep learning model

Synthetic Log Generation

Generate synthetic logs, which are unmeasured, using available well logs

Automatic Facies Identification

Identify facies purely based on data using unsupervised clustering



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Better Understanding of Old Oilfields

Users can study old oilfields more deeply where well logs
are incompletely preserved. Cost saving benefits also exists by
preventing expensive additional exploration efforts

Outstanding Performance

AI experts conduct most up-to-date research to improve performance
and apply it to Cloud consistently. Users can create a high performing,
customized deep learning model for any target well.

High Performance Computing
for Machine Learning

No high computing environment required from user's side.
All you need is an internet access since deep learning tasks
will be conducted on global top Cloud Platforms.

User-friendly GUI

Intuitive UI enables users to conveniently experience the power of AI.
Even users who are not familiar with deep learning technology
can easily create high performing models using various hyperparameters