Who we are

  • Our goal is to become a global leading Oil and Gas engineering company based on AI technology
  • ENERZAi is a Korea based startup which focuses on solving inefficiency and safety problems in Oil and Gas industry by leveraging AI technology
  • ENERZAi is comprised of co-founders, who are from Seoul National University’s Electrical/Computer engineering & Energy Resources Engineering departments, along with members who have expertise in AI-tech business development
  • ENERZAi currently received seed round investment from SpringCamp, a venture capital subsidiary of NAVER Corp, which is Korea’s largest IT company

Project #1

Drilling Optimization

Project #2

Autonomous Drilling System

 1. Machine Control

Sensing and manipulating the physical processes. Activities involved in sensing and manipulating physical processes.

2. Execution Management

Supervising, monitoring, and controlling the physical processes with real-time controls and software.